The Books

Cara is the author of FOUR BOOKs to help therapists, families, teachers, and those who have special needs. 

1) The Parent's Guide to Occupational Therapy for Autism and Other Special Needs:
From Handwriting to Hair Washing-School to Sensory Processing, it's
ALL here in our book series!          
Our books answer common questions asked about raising &
teaching a child with autism, learning disorders, & special needs.
What is Sensory Processing Disorder? 
Handwriting Problems & Letter Reversals? 
My child won't get bathed or dressed-HELP! 
Why is my child such a PICKY EATER?
How do I help with toileting?
How can I help my child's
    hand, eye, and body coordination
....and SO many more!
We have the answers you need!  Written in easy to understand terms and with hundreds of at-home or in-school activities to help your child to achieve goals!   

2) The Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide book:

NEW & Award-Winning book from Future Horizons!

The Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide.
THE essential handbook for teaching and helping children with autism, SPD, and special needs.

Our new book is packed with anything and everything SCHOOL related.  We use our Question and Answer format to provide easy-to-access information at a glance.  The book is loaded with helpful activities, strategies, accommodations for teaching and helping children with autism and other special needs throughout school.  Chapters include ADHD, handwriting, transitions, sensory processing, IEPs and 504 plans, dyslexia, dysgraphia, learning disabilities, dyscalculia, accommodations.

TONS of Activities you can do TODAY to help your student!
Click to Purchase the SCHOOL Survival Guide

3) My Mighty Mito Book

This book was written by a child with mitochondrial disease.  It's a social story about living with mito. My Mighty Mito is charming and colorful, appealing to children who are looking for others who share the same difficulties as they do!

Room to personalize the book and add your child's information. Foreword by Cristy Balcells director of and author of Living Well with Mitochondrial Disease.

4) The Weighted Blanket Guide

Released in May, 2016.  Everything you need to know about weighted blankets including how they are used, how to make one, and how weight affects the body and mind. Click HERE to purchase.

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