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All kids have different learning styles and are just waiting to
open their unique gifts!
As a pediatric OT, it's my job to add the FUN in learning. 
Who doesn't like fun??

Contact me to consult with you/your group via SKYPE.  I'd LOVE to help you to advocate for your child's needs or come up with a creative way to meet your child's unique needs. 


Visit our website at www.pocketot.com for our
sensory activity cards and other materials
for purchase!  Created just for YOU.



Cara offers courses on Autism, Behavior, Sensory Processing Disorder.  Click here for more information or to have Cara speak at your meeting or conference.

Visit our website for FREE downloads and more information about our products and services!  We CARE about your child with special needs.

The CDs below were created by The Pocket Occupational Therapist and a music therapist! We are proud to offer them to you directly for download via our Pocket OT Store. 
CLICK HERE FOR PURCHASE, you will be re-directed to The Pocket OT website.
****The CDs are a FUN way to control sounds!  They are NOT part of a formal listening program*

School-Eaze is the CD that contains school and community sounds set to rhythm. We encourage the child to control the volume of the CD. 
  Our Sound-Eaze CD contains household and community noises set to rhythm and nursery rhymes to give children control of sounds such as: thunder, fireworks, dog bark, vacuum cleaner. We encourage the child to control the volume of the CD. 

Our CDs can be found in Several Catalogues for children with special needs.

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