Monday, January 23, 2017

EASY Valentine's Day Fine Motor Craft

Heart Pencil Toppers

I Love crafts that are affordable and easy! Non-food crafts also make everyone happy and can be used as a gift for teachers, students, and parents. This is one of the easiest and most adorable crafts I've found this year. Enjoy!

What’s Needed

  • Red, White, and Pink Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners
  • Valentine’s Day Pencils


1. Take 2 pipe cleaners and wrap the ends around the top of the pencil twice.

2. Next, loop over the other ends and wrap twice around the pencil.

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3. With your fingers, make an indent in the middle of the pipe cleaners to form a heart shape.

4. Great for Valentine’s Day parties!!

I LOVE this craft and hope you do too! Please send us your comments and photos of your students doing this craft. We might feature you on our Facebook page!

MANY more Valentine's Day crafts and activities to come....WE LOVE OUR READERS!

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